Driving Directions



Coming west on I40 (from Knoxville) take exit 311 - Plateau Rd.  At the end of the exit ramp, turn left (south) onto Plateau Rd.  Proceed on Plateau road for about 1 mile until it dead ends into US Rt 70N.  Turn right (west) onto US Rt 70N - proceed about 1.8 miles until you come upon the community of Mayland.  Watch for Mayland Loop - (Mayland Market is on the corner of Mayland Loop and US Rt 70N). Turn right onto Mayland Loop.  Mayland Loop quickly makes a sharp left turn.  Go around this turn and continue to the next street on the right - Jim Garrett Road.  Turn right onto Jim Garrett Road.  Proceed on Jim Garrett Road for about 3.6 miles until you come to Cumberland Lakes Dr. (this is also marked with a large stone entrance sign and street signs that say Cumberland Lakes Dr.).  Turn right and proceed on Cumberland Lakes Dr about 1.25 miles to the Lakes area.


Coming east on I40 (from Nashville) take exit 300 - Monterey.  At the end of the exit ramp, turn left (east) onto US Rt 70N / TN Rt 84 north.  Stay on TN Rt 84 north through 2 traffic lights until you see TN Rt 62 (this is at the second light).  Turn right (east) onto Rt 62 and proceed through the "city" of Monterey.  In about 8 miles - you'll see ope farm/ranch land on the left side - start looking for Cumberland Lakes on the right side - it's easy to miss.  Turn right at the double stone gate entrance onto Cumberland Lakes Dr.